I See You

I see you standing there. You have intentionally taken a position off in the distance where you think the shadows will shield you from my eyes.

You think that from a distance you can watch and observe what happens in my life and that it will be enough to keep you connected but not in a way that will make you miss me in that "painful" way. You won't let go but it isn't because you haven't tried.

That is because you have.

You have tried to walk away and you have tried to run.

You have pushed, pulled, begged and screamed but none of them worked.

Neither did making a list of pros and cons. It didn't and doesn't matter if the 'cons' logically outweighed the pros because you can't apply reason and rational thought to affairs of the heart.

The simple truth is that you never stopped loving me. When I fought for your hand and asked you not to go it was easy to find ways to be angry with me and that anger is what you used to pry us apart.

But time has a ways of making the bad things fade and highlighting the good. Time smooths over the wrinkles and shines a light on places that might not have looked so sweet and inviting.

And now you find yourself hiding in the darkness wondering if my words are nothing more than macho talk. Now you wonder what is really going but you won't take those steps into the light without something more. You won't step forward unless I wrap an arm around you and gently carry you forward.

So I'll help you a little bit. I'll tease you some and taunt you with comments about how I tamed you and can do it again. It is part of my own hiding.

That is because I don't need to see you with my eyes. I see you as we have always seen each other with that third eye that hides inside our chest and behind our hearts. I feel you there and I know you aren't going anywhere because you wonder if maybe I am right.

All it took to light that fire was that one kiss and that one kiss would set off a series of sparks that would burn more brightly than before.

You hope and you burn as I do. You ache and you wonder if one day I will come for you and you will see me standing there with my hand outstretched again.

Close your eyes and you find mine staring back at you. Close your eyes and you can feel me standing there and maybe one day you'll open them and really see me.

And when that day comes it will be as if no time had passed and all that we once knew about each other will be there as it ever was except with more depth and intensity than ever before.

Almost 20 years

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