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I See You

I see you standing there. You have intentionally taken a position off in the distance where you think the shadows will shield you from my eyes. You think that from a distance you can watch and observe what happens in my life and that it will be enough to keep you connected but not in a way that will make you miss me in that "painful" way. You won't let go but it isn't because you haven't tried. That is because you have. You have tried to walk away and you have tried to run. You have pushed, pulled, begged and screamed but none of them worked. Neither did making a list of pros and cons. It didn't and doesn't matter if the 'cons' logically outweighed the pros because you can't apply reason and rational thought to affairs of the heart. The simple truth is that you never stopped loving me. When I fought for your hand and asked you not to go it was easy to find ways to be angry with me and that anger is what you used to pry us apart. B

Easy Reading

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