February 28, 2015

Time For Changes

I am done with this moment in time and this period of my life. Done all I can do and it is time for changes.

Tired of working harder than I should to get less than I need let alone want.

So I am done.

The end has come and now it is just a matter of figuring out how.


Ruti Mizrachi said...

The end of what? You still have lots of options, lots to do. "Change your makom, change your mazel," the expression goes. Not "this is the end, my friend," but "What's next?" Buck up, lad. You're still young (from my perspective), and there is much to do.

Jack Steiner said...

It is just the end of my doing things a certain way. I have done all I can do and though the outcome isn't precisely what I wanted I know I did my best.

It is an acknowledgement it is time to do something else.

Definitely still young and time to do much more, but then again we never know how much we have so I am anxious to move on.

Ruti Mizrachi said...

Fair enough. I send blessings and happy thoughts from the Holy Land. Don't know if it works. But it's what I have to offer.