March 26, 2014

A Writing Exhibition

Thought about writing about Daniel and Anne here, would be the first time in years but decided to hold off on it.

I am JAMMED, SWAMPED and CRAZED because I have so much writing to do. I look at my To-Do list and I see Hercules fighting the Hydra.

Yeah, I am comparing myself to Hercules here but unlike our mythological hero I am not the son of a god nor imbued with superhuman strength. Still I like to say I am the son of a really good guy and blessed with more strength than most men.

The astrological types tell me that it comes with being a Taurus but I can't tell you if that is true or not. Experience has shown I have more natural strength than most and when I am dedicated to lifting the size/bulk comes quickly.

But I haven't ever figured out what benefits physical strength give writers when we have to sit down and pound out the stories. Ok, that is not entirely true I can name a few things but their benefit is questionable, unless we are talking about how many times we can lift our typewriters and or how far we can throw them.

Really this physical strength thing is mostly good for helping me get into all sorts of silly scrapes which do make for good stories and of course I always get asked to help people move.

That was much more fun in my twenties but now I have no interest in trying to show off especially 'cuz the hot girl on the third floor doesn't need me to carry her entertainment center upstairs. Once upon a time that worked really well because when you carry an entertainment center upstairs you don't have to worry about coming up with some kind of cool opening line.

You don't worry about trying to say hello without stuttering or getting rejected because you tripped over a bar stool and spilled three beers, a margarita and a shot of Jagermeister on her, not that I know anything about that at all.

But strength is a component of writing, a big one. Except the kind of strength you need is mental. You need to be able to sit down at the keyboard and tickle those keys until the empty screen is filled with something magical and mystical or at least passable.

And that is what I am going to do, I am going to head to my wannabe cave, put on my headphones and I am going to pump out content like nobody's business.

Time to clickety clack my way to my next pay check.

See you sooner than you think, hopefully on TheJackB.

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