March 21, 2015

Trusting My Gut

Been through at least a dozen interviews the last month or so and thus far none have officially panned out.

Makes me a little crazy because a full third or more haven't said yes or no to me. They just went silent and I don't know why.

I understand the urgency I feel isn't the same for them and one or more might still come through. It wouldn't surprise me to get a call and be told to be in city XZY in two weeks for the new job or to continue hearing nothing at all.

Reminds me of college when I would hear stories about how someone would break up with others by slowly fading away.

They never said it was over, they just stopped calling and or talking to the other person.

Eventually the other person 'got the idea' that it was done and that was it. 

Except this is business and I just can't understand who thinks it is appropriate to treat people like this.

How hard is it to send someone a short email letting them know what their status is.

That is a rhetorical question, it is not hard.

Trusting My Gut

That is what I am doing now, trusting my gut. I am going with what I feel and sense because I have to believe in something.

One of these is going to hit sooner than later otherwise I'll be opening my hut on the beach sooner than expected.

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Wendy of The Rock said...

I hate that interview hiatus bullshit. It's agonising. And rude. And somehow diminishing.
All power to your gut.

Jack Steiner said...

Thank you!