May 02, 2015

It Figures

Sometimes life is nothing but interesting.

Just finished my first week at a job that isn't bad, but isn't at the top of my list of things I want to do or places I want to be.

Five years ago I would have jumped at this and been really excited, but I am not that guy anymore. My goals are different and what I want has changed a bit.

I took it because I had to have some income and I couldn't sit on my hands waiting for something better to come along. I had other irons in the fire and I figured one of them might hit later on.

Sure enough, midway through Friday I receive an email from a guy who wants to know if I am still on the market and have I moved back yet.

I told him I am open to discussion and evaluating opportunities. We are supposed to schedule a call.

Don't know if an offer is coming or the specifics if one does but had to shake my head and smile. Can't say where this will lead, but I have this sense that I could end up packing the car sooner than later.

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