December 08, 2015

Stranded On A Desert Island

Ever think about what would happen if you were stranded on a desert island?

Every now and then I have answered the question of what books/music I would want to bring with me, but we never see people answer the question of who would you want to be stranded with.

Let's adjust the question and say your answer should be based upon who wouldn't make you crazy and not upon who might add the most value to your stay.

So it is not about having a doctor, fisherman or hunter or any other skill set,

It is just about who can you spend large amounts of time with and be confident they won't make you crazy because some people will do that.

We all have friends or family we take in small doses because the large just don't work for us.

I have my answer, but in the interest of harmony I'll keep it to myself.

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