October 02, 2014

Part of Why I Moved To Wordpress

Been trying to fix the way this post looks but the code is not cooperating and I am quickly getting tired of battling Blogger.

This is part of why I moved to Wordpress. I ran into code chaos but always felt like I had more support and didn't have to deal with all this nonsense.

It is not just irritating, it is silly.
  1. Is Life A Series Of Coincidences Or Do Things Happen For A Reason?
  2. You’re Just A Memory Now
  3. Steve Jobs’ Ghost Gave Me A Cellphone
  4. What Happens When Bloggers Bully
  5. My Laughing Place

Got one more day before Yom Kippur. One more day to try and get square with all. One more day to get things situated or so they say.

Might get another post in before, but if I don't I wish you an easy fast and ask for מחילה from those I hurt/offended.

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