December 08, 2011

Not Quite There

I am still working on my book but it is not quite there yet. The post below this contains one rough draft but it looks like hell. Part of that is because the code from the other side has a problem with Blogger and so I end up with a bit of a mess.

But the truth is that it is not quite there at the other place either. I am actively working on it but my focus is on content and not how it is currently rendering. That is because I am going to go back and edit it. I may not spend much time rewriting blog posts but this is different.

This is different for a million different reasons. I feel a bit like I am wrestling with a lion and trying to keep that sucker from clawing, mauling and or biting me. Sometimes I hate these words and sometimes I love them.

But it doesn't matter because I am going to see this through. Going to see it through because I can't not do it. This is personal and I am obligated to myself to finish.

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