December 12, 2011

Monetizing The Blog

Even though I may not spend as much time here as I used to there are still reasons to use this place and not just because I have taken steps to monetize it.

This joint is home and it doesn't matter where else I may live or what I do. I can fill it up with all sorts of toys, electronics and kitchen gear but I never forget what it looks like in its naked state. I am good with that.

Speaking of gear it is pretty darn close to Chanukah. Been out shopping for the kids. There are new Lego sets floating around and games for the 3DS. Got a few new ones for the Wii and some clothes for the girls that live here too.

But if I were shopping for me I would  have to look into an iPad and or maybe a Kindle Fire. It kind of depends on my cash flow. I still want a new computer and a big screen television too. If I am allowed to dream I'd throw in a new car and a new cellphone.

Not to mention shoes, I need some shoes.

Chances are I'll probably end up with a couple of books and maybe a shirt, but I am good with that too.

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Pearl Jewelry said...

Nice wishes. I would be happy to be on the receiving end of these presents. I think you ought to dream big, and then your dreams may come true, if you keep them small, only the small ones will have the chance to become reality. Happy holidays and good luck with your book! Flora