December 30, 2011


You and I dance alone in places far away but our hearts continue to sing our song...together. The physical parts may be alone and apart but the spirits never are and I suspect never have been.

 That connection we built was forged in flames that burn brighter and hotter than anything we could make on our own. That connection is what prevents us from true separation.

 Neither you nor I are willing to just let go and walk away. We have tried to do it on more than one occasion. Tried to wave goodbye and find new places to hang our hats but it hasn't quite worked. Hasn't quite worked because the heart always finds a way to beat the head.

 Hope and optimism defeat fear and pessimism. Dreams of what could be are coupled with action and purpose. a Skeptics shake their fists and gnash their teeth. They claim unrealistic expectations lead to illusions of grandeur. They think that the emperor has no clothes but they do not understand.

 They cannot understand that a thousand years might pass and my heart would always recognize yours. They don't understand that some things cannot be prevented. You can slow them down and put obstacles and assorted hurdles in their paths but a will finds a way.

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