March 29, 2005

Slinging Mud at The Wall To See What Sticks

Ok, I just destroyed an entire post. Eight hundred words were swallowed up by the denizens of cyberspace, those critters that are assigned to eat the words we waste. The words that are not considered good enough, smart enough or cool enough are sent somewhere.

I don't know where, I just know that when I highlighted them and hit delete they were gone. One moment they were there and the next, poof.

I am not sure what I want to write about but I know that I feel like blogging so here is my compromise, a series of links to posts that caught my eye, some old and some new.

Rishon Rishon has an interesting post about language revival. Interesting stuff.

Vince had quite an experience with her beau the Park Ranger at the Cracker Barrel. I have never been so I cannot comment on any of this.

I have to give credit to Brian for the roundup. He does a weekly roundup that is pretty interesting. I do this when the mood strikes me which is pretty much how I operate. I am just not good about doing things that I do not want to do. Maybe I will be in the future, can't say, but maybe Brian's crystal ball will help define things for me.

Spent a solid 30 minutes dancing with my daughter. In a few weeks she is going to be nine months old, but she has a laugh that is deep and rich and a light in her eyes that twinkles when she is happy. Tonight we danced to Conga, Secret World, Dancin With Myself, Dude Looks Like a Lady and For Once In My Life among a handful of other tunes. It was fun, we will do it again.

RD caught my eye with his piece about Red Lake. I keep wondering about this.More specifically I wonder what has changed that our children use guns to settle the scores between them. I was teased and did my share of teasing. In ninth grade the teasing came to blows. The boy who was tormenting received an apple in the side of his head followed by my jumping on him. His attitude underwent a complete adjustment and I never heard a squeak from him again. But I never would have thought about bringing a gun to school.

In large part because among the boys I grew up with that would have made me a pussy and I wouldn't have that. To me it was better to try and talk it out or use my fists to settle things. That is just how we did it then. But there never would have been anything like guns. It concerns me as I am sure it concerns other parents.

A recent poll found that Americans are too sleepy to have sex. I don't know about you, but good sex is a great way to fall asleep. Somewhere in cyberspace there are millions of women shaking their heads about that one. Sorry ladies, the post-coital cuddle is nice, but the snoring is the real compliment to you. We do love you all.

One of my fears is to be eaten alive, but new fear is to be suffocated under tons of manure. Guess that I'll be avoiding the Andy Gump truck for a while.

I still agree with Daniel Pipes about Hezbollah and Hamas and democracy. Ideological enemies are a serious problem. You cannot just buy them or scare them off.

Rose's story is a compelling tale about how one woman survived the war. I enjoyed Ben Chorin's tale of Purim fun from 2004.

I am a diehard Lakers fan, but I want to trade Kobe. The dude fooled me, I thought that he was something special, brains and game. He destroyed my team and I blame Jerry Buss for allowing him to do it.

Some people want to know why I like Monkeys. It could be nothing more than I find Monkeys to be funny or just interesting.

On the Mark at Toner Mishap has a good post about the problem with dropouts here in Los Angeles. Can't say that I am surprised by any of this. Why can't we pay our teachers what they are worth. Why can't we pay enough to attract the very best we have to offer. All we are doing is shortchanging ourselves.

Pat O'Brien, whatever were you thinking.

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