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Not Yet Dead

I know I keep talking about shutting this joint down so that I can focus my efforts in other areas but this place has some sentimental value to me so I just haven't done it.

Truth is I am not sure this is taking away from anything else so it is more of a question of whether it is hurting anything to keep it open.

There is no rush to to come to a decision so I am not particularly worried or concerned which I suppose is code for I am going to do things in my time. Those who know me would laugh at that because that is usually what I do anyway.

Besides it still seems to bring a steady stream of traffic in to various posts and serves as a useful way to promote the other blog.

The most "popular" post by far is The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. That receives more traffic than anything else I have written here.

The second most popular post this month is Vocabulary Words #10- Obscure but Interesting.

Kind of interesting to see how very different they are.

And on the other blog the current line up is as follows: