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You Can Pick Your Friends But You Can't Pick Your Family

Five minutes is all I am giving to this post and this topic because it is all the time I am willing to give right now. Got all sorts of good stuff, really good stuff going on and I am really excited because I have worked hard for it.

But at the same time I have a few people who are wreaking havoc because it is what they do and I am debating whether to kick their asses verbally because physically is difficult from three states away.

I might ask them to Skype with me just so they can see the look in my eyes and can answer my question to my face.

Or I might ignore them and focus solely upon what I have here because I don't feel like dealing with idiots who aren't related by blood and who aren't smart enough to recognize that dropping hand grenades every where they go creates messes for everyone.

And by god if you are going to suck me into your vortex of crazy I am going to give you reason to shape up or walk around wondering if you will ever not taste shoe leather again.

Reminds me of an old boss of mine who once told me that his secret to success was to get a massage and a blow job at least twice a week.

He is dead now, or so I heard. If he isn't he is about 95 or so which makes me want to call and ask him how that formula is working out for him.

Better yet I'll ask him why limit it to twice a week because if you are going to reach for the moon you might as well grab some stars as you go along.

It is time for me to roll now. Got an appointment at the gym and I want to visit the local Movie Tavern later.