February 02, 2014

The Race To Crucify Woody Allen

I am waiting for The Onion to write a story about how Woody Allen killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the outrage that will most assuredly follow from people who won't bother to check facts.

My Facebook feed is still filled with people who know everything about Woody and have decided that they can pass judgment.

A few comments:

I find this all very troubling. I don't to create an environment that makes it any harder for victims of sexual abuse to come forward nor do I want to establish blanket credibility either.

The awful truth is that we know that predators exist and we know that sometimes people lie or stretch the truth.

What bothers me the most is how quickly people come to judgment based upon very little information.


I have been a juror several times now and each time I was I watched and listened as personal biases had a significant affect upon the willingness of some jurors to convict or not convict.

Don't misunderstand, this is not me saying I am smarter, wiser or less judgmental than the next person. But I am saying that it bothers me to see so many people making these decisions based upon things they say they remember from 20 years ago and/or heard.

Ask me what happened 20 years ago and I'll tell you what I remember. I'll tell you that I was 25 and old enough to be aware but I can't say that I remember every single detail of everything that happened.

Nor can I tell you if the Woody Allen/Farrow fight took place 20 years ago. I haven't stopped to Google it nor am I going to.

The point of the post isn't to try to persuade you of guilt or innocence. It is more of my voicing a desire for people to take a more critical approach to decisions making.

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