February 20, 2014

Remind Me Not To

Remind me not to eat whatever it was that tried to kill me this morning. Tell me that I don't need to spend all that time running to the john because my GI system has declared mutiny.

It is not a smart way to prove how tough I am and believe me, I am a tough old bastard not because I want to be, but because I have to be. It is what life pushed me to be and what I agreed to. There are moments I wish it were otherwise.

Moments where I wish I could let my guard down and let go but disappointment has followed those moments enough times for me to be hesitant about it. No one likes to be hit and though I can take a shot to the mouth it is not something that interests me, at least not unless there is a reason.

If I am protecting those I love I am always willing to take the beating and will give one out on their behalf without exception but most of the time it is just not necessary. The beauty of aging is that you reach a place where you know what you are willing to accept and what you aren't.

When you figure it out than you find yourself living a much happier and more fulfilling life.

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