February 12, 2014


Two more days until the move and there is still so much to do.

Makes me crazy to see how much is left and that is in spite of heavy efforts to get things done. There hasn't been any slacking off or screwing around and yet there is this never ending pile.

What makes me craziest is feeling like I am the only one I can rely on to get it done but the thing is. I am not the sole decision maker.

I wish I was. It would make life so much easier.

So very tired of having to put up with all of the assorted bullshit that comes with this, but I'll do it for now.

This is just one more transition and transitions are always filled with a mix of hard work, stress and wonder.

And in this case I wonder what this transition is leading to. I have my ideas and thoughts about where, how and when, but since I can't officially see the future I guess I will wait to find out if I am correct.

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