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Teacher to Return After Having Sex Change

Did he/she actually pay for surgery. I don't have any problem with sex changes. It is a personal decision.

But this picture just kills me. Call me bad, call me evil, but this picture is begging for commentary.

For more background click here.

On a different note one of my college professors had a sex change, but that is a story for a different day.


MUST Gum Addict said…
I used to work at a company (yes, in Northern CA) and two people -- husband and wife -- were in our division. Then, this husband divorced his wife to get a sex change operation -- he wanted to become a woman. But they still worked together in the same division. This made things VERY difficult for both the ex-wife and us as well. UGH.
Ger Tzadik said…
I've had a coworker who I was relatively close with go through this. That could keep me writing for 5,000 words though.
StepIma said…
You're right. The picture is the best part. Clearly she didn't do it for the sake of drag.

Pull up the handbasket, I'm coming in.
StepIma said…
having said that, it takes a lot of bravery to be able to go something like that - and to do so in such a public setting as a school - and at 71 years old no less! - is truly amazing.

I may never get over the vest-with-turtleneck thing, but my hat's off to her.
Anonymous said…
Run kids, run!

OK, that was mean.

Seriously, I did a bit of research on this topic when a friend of mine said he wanted to become a girl. Apparently there is a series of hormonal events that occur in the womb and if they go awry, a person who is physically a boy may have some kind of "identity" as a girl. It's very strange.

However, I think the sex-change operation concept is so flawed as to be tragic. I don't think that's a happy outcome for what is a serious psychological problem.
Jack Steiner said…

That sounds like a very uncomfortable situation.


I would imagine.


The picture is something else.


You said it.
Pragmatician said…
She just copied an old episode of Picket Fences.
I'd had protested louder about the fact that a 71 year old person ought to enjoy his-her pension.