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Computer, Computer, Computer

In an earlier post I mentioned that my 'puter was giving me some real 'tude. After many hours I feel like we have come closer to a negotiated settlement. There are still issues. I added some software and removed others. I dug and dragged, pointed, clicked, kicked, screamed, cursed and yelled at it.

But we seem to have made progress. It is not behaving like the good little computer it used to be. It acts like a teenager with raging hormones. Sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it is horrid, but the little blue tower is all mine and I can't help but love it.

Now I just have to teach it some respect and we'll be set.


Your computer should have a refuah shelaimah.
Anonymous said…
You could save your data and reformat.
Jack Steiner said…
Thanks YG.


It took about 4 hours to back up most of my files. I am busy checking to make sure that I didn't miss anything.