My Application for Shola

If you are new to this story click here first. I think that this is about the sixth in the series. Not sure because I am not really counting.

Shola sent me a new email. Here is what it said:
Dear Jack
Good morning ,You can use any Bank of your choice
that you that is trusted,
Please confirm if you received my international
Passport I sent to you yesterday,
Here is my reply

Dear Shola,

I apologize for the delayed response but I have been having extreme computer problems. I spent many hours checking into these matters and had to employ the esteemed computer technician Scooby Doo to investigate what was causing this issue.

I was told that it was a computer virus and it was suggested that it was received when I opened your note with your passport. This upset me greatly and I considered ending our relationship.

However as you may remember I am a follower and true believer of the Church of The TreeFrog and hold the position of Bishop of BullFrog. As a holy man I do not make hasty decisions. I held a meeting with the holy croaker circle (see attached picture) and even consulted his highness the most holy High Jumper (see picture) and have decided to give you a second chance.

To that end I am attaching a copy of the application that I am sending to the bank so that you are kept in the loop regarding all
important decisions.

I look forward to sharing the money with you and wish you a hopping good day.

Croakingly yours,


This is a copy of the application I submitted. Or should I say here are the answers to the application Shola sent me.

TEL/FAX: +228-222-0287


Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States
Dollars).FROM ACCOUNT # 6457128429/WADB/TG/91

Personal Information as follows.

Name:Jack Shack

Add: 1060 W. Addison Chicago Illinois 60610 Sex:Frequently


Profession: Bard and Tumbling Expert


Fax: 867-5309 (Phone and Fax

Email: No, I am male

Date: Sorry, I am already married


I Humbly apply for the transfer of fund from your
bank as the next of kin of Mr.Larry Baldridge Jr. who
was a registered customer of your bank, he is the
holder of a fixed deposit account in your bank. This
account is said to hold an estimated USD $12.5m
(Twelve Five Million, five hundred thousand United
States Dollars).

Bellow is the account information of my late cousin:

Account # 6457128429/WADB/TG/91

Beneficiary: Mrs. Dorene Beck

Amount Deposited :USD $12,500,000.00USD (only)

Please kindly be informed that my late cousin Mr.Larry
Baldridge Jr. operated a company in Lome-Togo by the
name of WC-SARL Construction Company Lome-Togo. Since
his death along with his immediate next of kin on the
January 31st 2000 in an auto crash, I have been unable
to come forward to claim this fund due to family
logistic problem that arised after his burial and
personal issues. Please upon acknowledge of this
application, I respectfully request your expedience in
treating this matter with utmost urgency, hence I will
need the funds to continue running the family’s
business in our country, since we are no longer
conducting business in lome togo west Africa. I will
await your response towards this issue.
I appologize for any inconvinience this might cause
you for not getting in touch all this while, I hereby
wish that my late cousin's fund be trasfered to my
bank acount with the following informations below:

Bank account Information:

The account details is as follows :-

Bank name :Dinah Mite Financial

Bank address : 69 Comelickmeclean Road Bustedtuchus, Ohio 44018

Account N°: 41625665536

Aba routing code : 789456124

Sort/Swift code:USLDIM 62 IBAN Code: US17762MIDL40

I will be pleased if this application is approved and
funds transferred into my account stated and on no
account should my account details be changed
without a written information and the total amount
should and must be transferred in full to my bank

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Yours faithfully,

Name:Jack Shack


StepIma said...

Shola is really persistent! I sort of admire that. Do you think he takes monopoly money? I'm almost thinking I might send him a little somethin-somethin to ease his pain when you finally let him down...

then again, maybe he's persistent because there really are millions of dollars at stake and soon you'll be rich! rich! rich!!!

MUST Gum Addict said...

All of this reminds me of how each Twilight Zone episode totally throws you for a spin at the end.

Can you -- just for a second now -- imagine "shola" with all of HIS blogfriends laughing hysterically when Jack sends each response!

This is totally awesome.

James Manning said...

I was just going through my archive and I saw that you were the second person to ever post on my blog. That was almost a year ago. Just drop by to say thanks.

Robbie said...

Whoa! You live with the Blues Brothers at Wrigley? You're totally my neighbor!

Another meshugannah mommy said...

Fabulous address, Jack. I am sure you must enjoy the view!

Tickets on sale tomorrow...

wanderer said...

I'm Lovin' It!

Jack Steiner said...


I am going to be so rich I'll be able to start my own seamonkey farm.


I might.


It is kind of a funny thought, to think about them laughing at me.




Finally someone recognizes the address.


My pleasure.

Jack Steiner said...


Yep, the view is nice.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Jack, when you get all this dough, please be aware that I am starting a new time sharing project on an island just of Madagascar coast. I have too many investor eager to take part, but since I know about you, you can count on a piece of that deal.

I am currently working on the design of a swimming pool for toddlers and senior citizenry, so any ideas will be welcome.

chosha said...

I can't believe he wrote back to that as if it was real. Too funny.

Jack Steiner said...


I'll keep you posted.


This guy is nothing if not persistent.

Regina said...

Wow- are you serious about the virus, Jack? Arrgghhh... good on you to keep stringing him along- he'll deserve everything he gets- which is nothing!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ must gum addict! That's a clever thought.

And Jack, this is some funny stuff ya got going on here.

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