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Don Knotts- Rest In Peace

"LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Don Knotts, who kept generations of TV audiences laughing as bumbling Deputy Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show" and would-be swinger landlord Ralph Furley on "Three's Company," has died. He was 81."
Thanks for making me smile, not to mention making me son smile during your guest appearances on Scooby Doo.


Jerusalemcop said…
guess they'll get a new bank manager at Barnacle Bob Bank of Mistrust.


Stacey said…
How sad. I loved him as Barney.
Regina said…
I know- he was so funny! All the great ones are leaving us... I'll miss him...
Post-Denom Jew said…
I grew up with him as Furley on Three's Company. Sad to see him go.
Ger Tzadik said…
Hey Jack, I was gonna post a comment about your last audioblog that my RSS reader had, but I see you pulled it down. That was one of your more interesting ones too, but I understand why you may not have wanted to keep it up. :)

Poor Don. I always think of him as Mr. Furley from Three's Company...oh and the voice of that fish who helped the Allies win World War II in that Disney moive. (Don't ask, I don't know how my mind works all the time either.)
Jack Steiner said…

Yep, he went and screwed things up, didn't he. ;)


You look like a Barney lover.


Me too.


Furley's fashion sense was unparalleled.


I was wondering if anyone listened to that one. I pulled it down because I thought that it sounded pretty stupid.

Mr Limpet was a good movie.
I have fond memories of the Apple Dumpling Gang
StepIma said…
It's funny - I sometimes wonder whether with some longstanding actors you always remember them as whatever role you saw them in first.

I think I was either too young or too bored to think of him as Barney, though I've seen the shows. And I do remember him as Furley, but for me Three's Company always meant the Ropers.

Every time I saw Don Knotts, I remembered The Apple Dumpling Gang, which I must have watched a thousand times when I was a kid... and that was the first thing I thought of yesterday. I think I'm going to have to see if I can still scrounge up a copy for when I have kids.