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Who'd Win This Fight

Craig Detractors Bash Blond Bond

The article above makes me wonder. If there was a fight between the James Bond fans and and the Star Trek fans who would win.

Would we see 1000 Spocks taking on a 1000 Qs? Would Moneypenny fight Lt. Uhura? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night.

What do you think?


Unknown said…
The Bonds would kick tushie. The Trekkies have overwhelming numbers on their side, and quite a bit of brainpower: But they are not able to fathom that their phasers don't really "stun" people. The Bondies, meanwhile, will have developed cooler weapons that actually work - though their cars don't fly.
Jack Steiner said…
Ok, that is one side. Who takes the other?
Jerusalemcop said…
i think bond would start using the latest gadgets from Q and his own ingenuity and outsmart the entire enterprise crew.

no one would have to fight Uhura. Bond would just bed her like everyone else. He would care that she's like 100 by now

Jack: Imagine Jaws going after Worf. Now that would be some fight.
Unknown said…
Oh wait - you didn't specify which Star Trek. The Next Generation might be able to take 'em.
Jack Steiner said…
Worf versus Jaws, that would be a good battle.