"One Post to rule them all, One Post to find them,"

"One Post to rule them all, One Post to find them,
One Post to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

Thus spaketh Jack, Bishop of Bullfrog and traveler in cyberspace. I am not a hobbit, a dwarf nor an elf. I am not from Numenor. No will confuse me with a balrog or Gandalf. I am just a blogger.

It is Saturday night and I am going to try and hang up my spikes for the rest of the year. Instead of spending hours trying to prepare a complete end of the year post I am going to spend a little time listing some posts of mine (there are around 1,000) from this past year. They may not be my best, but they are those that caught my eye this final Saturday night of 2006.

Obsessed With the Blogroll
The Many Layers of Hell

Blog Disappointment

Women and the Look of Death
Charlie's Angels- Child of the '70s
You Just Aren't that Funny
Commenting on Comments
A Question of Faith
My Daughter's Favorite Book


A Boy Named Mookie
The Olympics- Snowboarding and My Age
Valentine's Day Should Be Banned
What Do You Know About Me
Where I Come From
^@^@$$^^* Voicemail- Another Rant
It Would Have Been Great
Sounds of My Youth
Just More Ranting


American Inventor
Teach Your Boy to Pee Like a Man
He Stole My Lunch
When your Favorite Blog Suddenly Goes Bad
The Talking Penis- A New Bathroom Adventure
My Bill Collecting Service
**A Question For the Readers**
Afraid to Say Goodbye
Things Men Do


How Do You Make a Baby?
Comic Books Find Religion
Cookie Gives Shaft a Run For The Money
What I Fear
How Do I Respond to This?
The Hokey Pokey Versus The Bunny Hop
Wondrous Places & Things
The Boys
Horror Movies- No Sound Equals No Fear
Women and Shoes


The Dodgers of My Youth- That Infield
Laws of return: diasporas as part of the state community
Diaper Changing Dilemma
How To Build More Traffic to Your Blog
Yom Yerushalayim
How To Deal With Angry Canadians
I Want A Castle
Darth Vader Reports- Death Star Destroyed
The US Civil War- Old Photos
My Son Speaks to G-d But He Doesn't Answer
What Do You Call Your Blog?


My Grandfather Laid Tefillin

Thoughts About My Grandfather
The Couple That Pees Together
Eliyahu Asheri Deserved Better
Dear Soccer Hating American
Pictures, Videos and Memories
The Bearer of Bad Tidings- One Less Set of Footsteps
No, You Cannot Cancel AOL
The Father Leans On The Son
A Father's Day Post
Father’s Love Their Daddies Too
I Don't Always Believe In Happy Endings


Why Don't We Hear About Israeli Refugees?
'He who cannot defend Liberty does not deserve Liberty'
You Are How You Camp
A Soldier Says Tefilat Ha-Derech
Three Days in Israel- Graphic Images
Do The Dead Walk In Dreams
A Little SchoolHouse Rock
It Was a Bad Date
Because They Can't Steal Our Kids


A Secret For My Children
Frum & Gay
The Ginsu Knife
My Parents Purchased Cemetery Plots
Japanese Chair Ejector Video
Grandpa Is Still Gone
Eicha- An Aching Heart Mumbles


Do You Have An Accent?
My Theme Song
And That Is The Way that it Was- A New Year's Reflection
Seinfeld in Prison
The Pain In My Grandfather's Eyes
The Birthday Party Dilemma
The Phone Sex Surprise
How To Tell The Sex of a Bird
As The Bodies Fell- He Played
Morality Without Religion- A Comment to The Self-Righteous


Did You Listen to Abba?
Does Blogging Make You Feel Obligated?
A Little Notoriety For The Shack
How Stonehenge Was Built
Blogging Can Help You Make/Lose Friends
He Put a Gun To My Head
Who Would You Rather Be?
Twenty Five Years of Torah Reading


I Hate The Holiday Season
Movies Use The Same Scream Sound Effect
The Moon Is Following Us
My Brother- A Lesson in Simple Physics
Why The Baal Teshuva World Irritates Me
Israel & The Next War
It is a Useful Talent
My New Haircut
How Long Will You Keep On Blogging?
I think that I am going to pass on doing a December roundup. A safe and happy new year to you all.


Anonymous said...

thanks jack...and a sweet happy healthy sylvester to you and yours...loveyourblog!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you and your family
Jackshack -you need a dose of compassion and btw my material and shwarma are never boring no matter how you serve it.

kasamba said...

Kenayin Hara!!!

Have a fabulous New Year!

cruisin-mom said...

happy new year, Jack!

Sheyna said...

ACK! More cool stuff to read rather than writing my manuscript!


It appears I became a regular reader in June, so I only have six months of posts to catch up on. For 2006. Heh heh...

Oh, I'm so punchy tonight. Must gets back to my writing.

Thanks for being so prolific, Jack, and well, yes, random. It's been a pleasure to hang 'round here the past six months and I look forward to more.

May 2007 bring you joy and satisfaction!

Jack Steiner said...


Thanks. Happy Sylvester to you too.


Thanks, you too.


Happy New Year. Soon these cold Valley mornings will be replaced with warmer spring mornings.


As I surfed through the first six months what I noticed was that I repeat myself. No need to check out the old stuff, it'll show up again.

Best wishes for 2007.

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