Words on a Page

I am sitting here in a state of mild shock. a lonely tear carving a path down my cheek. Just moments ago I sat here listening to AFI's 100 top movie quotes and found myself totally entranced by the images, sounds and memories the words and music.

That tear surprised me and not just because I typically do not cry. I am not completely sure what caught me, but I have my ideas. I suspect that part of it is because the combination did what it is supposed to do. That magical combination of images, sounds and music conjured up something majestic and beautiful inside my head. It made me feel and reminded me that I have a passion that remains bottled up.

I write these posts for a million different reasons. I write these posts because they serve as an exceptional creative outlet. I write these posts because they allow me to chronicle the lives of my children and the thoughts that I have. These posts provide a snapshot of my life during brief moments of time. These posts serve as markers for the journey my life has taken up to now and they hint at where it may yet go.

The Almost Warrior who remembers a past that never was and a future that may never be. I look at These Pictures of You and think that perhaps Lightning Strikes Twice. You don't really know what life holds. Sometimes life is impacted by Timing or by the unexpected moments and events. There are things that happen that rock your world.

I write about the moments that touch me, those from the past and the present. I write about my dreams and my nightmares. I take the pieces of my life, the things I have seen and those that I want to see and weave my tapestry, I don't always succeed. I don't a;ways hit the mark, at least I often feel like I have fallen short. Sometimes I wish that I had an Instant Messenger that I could call upon to better convey my thoughts about how Johnny Was A Hero but it doesn't always work that way.

Sometimes A Father's Responsibility gets in the way. Sometimes The Pressures of Parenthood and the things that come with it make it difficult to remember that though you may be called dad, you have dreams that you still have chase. And somehow you have to balance your responsibilities to your family with those that you owe yourself.

So you stand up and remember that there is a A Love Song That Needs To Be Written and you will be the one to write it. At the end of the day I want to do something that provides an end result that is more than just words on a page. One way or another I am going to write that book. One way or another I am going to tell a story that is more than the 800 words or so I average on these posts.

2010 is many things. It is the year of Jack and the year of the Daddy Blogger. I am guest blogging over at Clark Kent's Lunchbox today. Go say hi to my friend Ron and while you are at it let me know what you think of my post over there.

If you're new here and you have read this far take a moment to go back through this post and click on the links. You'll find that I have intentionally mixed in posts that contain part of a story I am writing alongside posts about being a father. And if I have done my job properly perhaps you'll become a new reader and join the rest of us on this wacky journey through life.

Ok, I have babbled enough. It is well after midnight now and the morning will be here far too soon. Lailah tov from Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,

I love what you have to say here about your reasons for writing. Like you, I blog for a combination of reasons and find that writing in this way scratches many different proverbial itches.

I'm pleased to have "met" you and look forward to more conversations ahead.

Jack Steiner said...

Hi Kristen,

Welcome to the blog. This sucker is both saint and savior for me, but I love it. Looking forward to more conversations as well.

Ann Imig said...

Heading over to Clark's!

Keith Wilcox said...

We're all on some wacky ride. The fact that a few of us have this outlet makes us a unique community. Other people do other things; we vomit words into cyberspace. Sounds good to me! :-)

Jack Steiner said...

Heading over to Clark's!

See you there!

we vomit words into cyberspace.

That is a graphic way of putting things, but I like it, :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and always have. I find it very refreshing...you are not a pigeon hole blogger, you really have a curious mind, I love your sense of humour and wonder. I am glad to share the blogoverse with you :)


Jack Steiner said...

I am glad to share the blogoverse with you :)

And I with you. You are one of the old timers round here, not too many of us floating around any more.

Ian Greenleigh said...

Really great technique- and totally coherent. Cheers.

Jack Steiner said...

Thank you Ian.

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