March 16, 2010

Fourth Annual Link To Jack Day

This is a sticky post. Check back throughout the day for new material below.

Friends I welcome you to the Fourth Annual Link To Jack Day. This is a special day in the blogosphere. Not quite Talk Like a Pirate Day but better because you don't have to explain to your friends why you're squinting and walking around with a parrot on your shoulder.

So link away and please let me know in the comments that you did. In return I'll put up a separate post thanking you for playing along.

Link to Jack Day #1
Link to Jack Day #2
Link to Jack Day #3

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therapydoc said...

I linked twice on the sidebar. Is that okay?

Jack said...

Well it depends on whether you go by the Beit Shammai or Beit Hillel rulings. I am told that as a Litvak I am supposed to be quite rigid, but in this case I see no problem with two links on the sidebar. Works well for me. ;)