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How Do You Manage Three Blogs

The man looked me in the eye and asked me how I manage three blogs. I smiled and told him that the hardest part is dealing with the egos. TheJackB is an egomaniac who refers to himself in the third person, Random Thoughts is a scattered mess and Words Left Unwritten thinks he is an artist.

He didn't smile, chuckle or even let out a small titter that would make me think he appreciated an attempt at humor. Instead his eyes narrowed and he took a step closer and asked me again in a tone that was bordering on angry how I manage three blogs.

I told him that it wasn't polite to point and asked him how much he would charge to haunt a house because an ugly mug like his should be good for more than just scaring the neighbors. I was rewarded with another glare and made one more attempt to make him smile.

If I didn't have such a thick skin I might have been offended by the way he imitated my every expression and move- damn if he didn't do it perfectly. But then again if it hadn't been perfect I would have been scared because it would have meant that the guy staring back at me in the mirror wasn't me.

Of course I would be lying if I said that I recognized that face in the mirror because the reflection isn't what I see in my head. The hairline is off, the face looks a bit more weathered and worn- where did these lines come from anyway.

Actually the truth is that it is relatively easy for me to manage three blogs. For now TheJackB and Words Left Unwritten receive daily attention but it is not so much that it is unmanageable.

The biggest question I face right now is how to most effectively lay out the story I am putting together on Words Left Unwritten. Haven't decided whether new installments should always receive their own post or if everything should be incorporated into one giant post.

I am leaning to the former because I think it should be easier to manage but I reserve the right to change my mind. Truthfully I'd rather reserve a table at my favorite steak restaurant or sushi bar, but we'll save that for a different time.