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Winter Approaches

Dear June,

It is the second week of November and I am busting my ass to try and turn fragments of fiction into a blended tapestry of time, moments and music. Don't know if that means a thing to you but I suspect that it does. Can't say for certain but something tells me that if you read this you will nod your head in many of the same places as I do.

Found myself staring at this post and thinking about the words and damn if I didn't end up laughing. Don't ask me to tell you why or what I see because you either get it or you don't. Blame it on that traditional roles bit- submit and be dominated by your partner, best friend, lover and all that other stuff.

Some might say that too much has happened and too much time has passed but I would say that it would take but a moment to bring it all back. Too much thought and analysis can wreak havoc on hopes and fantasies.

The funny thing about fantasies is that some use that word as if it were some sort of pejorative but others use it in a more complimentary fashion- myself included.

Winter approaches June. I feel the cold in places that aren't suited or built for such things. I feel that ache that makes me blue and suspect that you know exactly how to fix that. Certainly I could find my own cure but I think that your medicine might be more to my liking and mine to yours. The secret sauce could be yours again or maybe not.

That is part of the charm of winter. Sometimes it is a winter wonderland and sometimes it is a frozen wasteland. What do you think?