Things I Wish You Would Read

Jammed for time. School conferences are this morning as are three meetings for work. Kids are home, roaming around enjoying their freedom from the tyranny of homework, school assignments and a desk.

Dogs are barking and television is blaring. Me, I am trying not to scream. Too much to do in too little time. This is perfection meets chaos meets confusion. I don't want to be part of a bad sitcom but there is a part of me that revels in this chaos.

This blog has evolved and has become a secondary home. It is not where I spend most of the my time but it is somewhere I always come back to. It is like Tara. It is comfort, it is home.

The clock is ticking and I am ready to go running but before I do it is time to share updates. Time to ask you to go read these posts and wait for my return:
  1. Dad Bloggers Get Paid To Blog
  2. Stop Hurting Our Children!
  3. This Post Generated 500 Comments
  4. The Importance of Gratitude
  5. Your Blog Still Bores Me- Improve Your Time Management Skills
  6. When Dad Doesn’t Have All The Answers
  7. Three Stories

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