August 27, 2014

Do You Believe In Destiny?

Sat down with the growing older way too quickly kid of mine and had a long conversation about Karma and destiny.

His interest stemmed from a conversation they had at school during his lunch hour. I am not entirely clear where it began or who started it and I don't really care because it was interesting to hear his thoughts about it.

In many ways they mirror my own but I definitely hear his voice and that makes me happy. I like raising critical thinkers and I like knowing that he is thinking about the world around him and wondering how people come to believe as they do.

I intentionally did not share many of my thoughts about this in part because it leads the conversation to places I don't want to go, not now. He is very sharp and in many ways an old soul but there is no substitute for life experience and though I expect one day we'll have some of these discussions now is not the time.

But if I did share more of my thoughts we'd talk about free will and about how some things aren't so easily explained by science. I have had more than a few experiences that have me mostly convinced something else might be at play in the world.

That doesn't mean I don't see a need for education. hard work and acting as the conductor of our lives because I do. I see that as an important and significant part of our lives.

It is a time of change and transition in my world and if you ask me where I am going to end up I can tell you in very broad terms, but I'll save the specific for now.

What I do know is I am taking the long way home.

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August 22, 2014

Bowing Down To the 'Enemy.'

Cellphone is going crazy but not because it is ringing. It is because it is dying and the damn thing is freaking out. If it had ‘real’ intelligence I would say it is acting bat shit crazy because it fears what comes next but that is not the situation.

I have been down this road with phones before so I know the signs and know it won’t be long before this one goes to wherever that electronic place in great beyond is.

It just needs to last long enough for to me to get the new iPhone.

Yeah, I think I am going to join the Kool Aid drinkers and bow down to Voldemort. Haven’t decided for certain but if this new iteration does what I hear it is supposed to do I will leave the land of Droids and try it out.

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August 19, 2014

Whatever Are They Looking For?

After ten years of blogging I can't say I have seen it all but I have seen a lot. Gotten death threats for political posts, engaged with more trolls than I care to think about it and made all sorts of friends.

There is no doubt the good outweighs the bad by fare more than a little and so I shouldn't look at people digging through the archives as being negative.

If they like my writing it is both possible and likely they are having fun reading old posts and getting a greater sense of what this wacky old man has written and is writing about.

But I would be lying if I said I am not curious about whether they are just perusing the shelves or looking for something in particular.

August 16, 2014

Blog Maintenance: Details Matter

Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction because if you ask me about whether details matter I will tell absolutely not and then tell exactly why they do. Course I'll probably break it up into chunks of stories about when it is true and when it is not because both are applicable here.

Anyhoo I don't plan on boring you with a list of those things or giving you a post dedicated to how people think they are logical but often aren't.

Instead let's talk about my main blog and cover some of what I have been doing.

Every day for the last week or so I have put time in trying to remove/repair broken links, add pictures to posts that don't have any tweak the SEO.

It is not just because the goal is to improve the organic search traffic but because of the tiny details. Every time someone visits my blog they are visiting my cyber home and I hate having guests discover clutter, chaos and disaster.

It is kind of funny to me because I think of myself as being laid back and relaxed about this kind of stuff but the more I think about it there more I realize/accept I am not laid back about this. I feel foolish when you discover those broken links.

If I am trying to tell a story I want that link to work. If I provided a video it is because it adds depth and layers to the tale and if that is gone, well what I hope had substance might become flat. It is troubling to me.

So here I am, taking care of the details and thinking about all of the stories I have to share, there are many but we'll get to those later.

In the interim may I offer: