September 19, 2014

Kids Who Don't Keep Their Hands To Themselves

My son has been having an issue with another kid at school. All week long I have heard that this boy has been chasing him around the school.

A couple of days ago it progressed to the point where the other kid was pulling his arms behind his back but I didn't do anything because it wasn't clear if it was just general horseplay with boys. When I was in 8th grade there was a lot of that.

And when I was in 8th grade the worst thing that could have happened was for my father to get involved in a disagreement with another kid. That would have unleashed all sorts of issues.

Today the other kid had my son in a headlock and refused to let go. It took an elbow from my son for this kid to release him.

My son came home angry and upset, concerned that he would be in trouble. I was breathing fire and spitting blood because this other boy put his hands on my kid.

I found the email address for his father and I sent him a note asking for him to intervene. I told him Ia am sure this is just a misunderstanding but made it clear his kid can't grab mine. And made sure he knows my son has been instructed to defend himself.

If he asks the other boy to let go and he doesn't, well I want this kid to reap the rewards of not listening. It should not have to come to that. I don't want to see it get physical but this kid crossed the line and I won't have it.

He is not allowed to put his hands on my son. If he can't understand and respect that we'll take steps to see that he does,

September 17, 2014

Lack Of Sense

Got five minutes to write down a few thoughts. Kids are making me crazy tonight, I love them but sometimes they just know how to press our buttons.

Been reading and listening to the thoughts about the NFL and it is making me a bit crazy too. Not defending the actions of people who break the law but not going to go hysterical about it either.


Because I like asking what causes the issues we see and what can we do about it. When I see data that suggests that the rates for certain actions are lower in the NFL than the general public I want to know why we don't focus on both areas.

The players who cross those lines need to be held accountable but stop with the ridiculous double standards and comments about role models as being the reason why we need to focus more strongly upon them.

If the numbers are accurate we have a real problem with the general public which is a much larger group than the few who can play. How do we change that. What can we do to improve, fix and facilitate things there.

Why aren't we spending more time focusing on helping more people.

September 16, 2014

The Sweetest Sleep Meets Storytelling

September 15, 2014

114 Degrees

Thermostat reads 114 degrees so the emails are starting to roll in:

"Coach, maybe we should cancel practice."
"Coach maybe we should shorten it and  make it later."
"Coach, what are we going to do about practice."

I haven't put much thought into it yet because I have been too busy with interviews and trying to secure more.

Doing my best to stay relaxed, be confident and stay informed. Stands to reason with this much activity good things should come from it but there is still that little voice that says it is nothing until it is something, push hard and don't stop until you have that signed document.

It is a mix of excitement and nerves, this moment. What will come and where will it be? Will it be the next big thing I have been searching for or will it be a bridge to the next thing. I don't want a stopgap, I want something with stability and substance.

But we only have so much control so I am rolling with it and waiting to see what comes in my email and or shows on the phone.

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