February 04, 2016


My childhood house is no more, change has come. Not so sure I like it.

January 08, 2016

Is It Too Late To Say Happy New Year?

The answer is it is never too late to say Happy New Year.

Ok, that is not entirely true, sometimes it is too late but in this case it is not.


Because it is the first week of January and I have been traveling so this is my first opportunity to say Happy New Year people.

And to remind you that most of the crap I put out is being written over here.

December 28, 2015

No Steamy Dreams

No steamy dreams to refer to in this post, at least nothing new worth mentioning because aside from the one I mentioned the other day I don't think there have been any new ones since.

I keep looking around this joint, wondering what I can do to make it look nicer and less dated. Maybe it is just me, but it feels a bit rundown and worn out, probably because compared to my self hosted joint it is a bit...tired.