Daughters Are Different

Based on recent events yet to be blogged about I feel compelled to share this again.

Not so long ago one of my female friends told me that she wanted to kick my ass so that she could knock some sense into me. Being a man who understands women implicitly I began laughing and suggested that she would be better served by cooking my dinner and ironing my shirts.

Two eyerolls and a major sigh later we delved back into the topic that had created the issue. You see, she doesn't like that I have two separate sets of rules for raising boys and girls. And what is really funny to me is that we are having a stupid argument years before any of this may be an issue.

I suppose that it is necessary for me to try and provide a basic outline of what the disagreement was. In short it dealt with teenagers and the kind of freedom that parents provide them with. She didn't like my saying that daughters are different from sons.

But the reality is that they are. This is not about equal rights. I love my children, it is among many things a fierce protective love. I will never worry about my son coming home pregnant. I will worry about him getting someone pregnant or contracting an STD, but pregnancy isn't going to happen.

This will be a concern with my daughter. We'll do all that we can to educate and protect her so that none of this happens before its proper time, but it is possible. And if she becomes pregnant there is no guarantee that the boy will do the right thing. So this very well could become a major issue that has all sorts of crazy repurcussions.

I will always be concerned about my children, but I will have a different sort of concern when my daughter goes out with friends than I have with my son. It is not because I love either of them more or less than the other.

They are a different set of concerns. Teenagers do stupid things. Teenage girls walking through parking lots at night are a target. It is not to say that teenage boys are not, but it is different.

And to be clear, I want my daughter to feel like she can do anything, just as I want my son to feel. But boys and girls are different and I will respond accordingly.

Anyhoo, she is five so I have some time before it becomes an issue. Keep on reading and perhaps you'll get to see what happens. In the interim here is a list of links to past stories about the dark haired beauty.

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