Fragments of Fiction Round Up

Here are most if not all of the Fragments of Fiction entries.
Johnny Speaks To June
Whether The Storm or Weather The Storm
Notes For June- Fragments of Fiction
More about Johnny
Johnny and June- A Rough Draft
Some Notes for Fragments of Fiction May 2008
Welcome To The Insomniac's Theater- Trying To Connect The Dots
Rediscovering What Was Lost- Two Kinds of Pain Revisited
How I Deal With Pain
The Movies
It Made Me Spit Blood
The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants
Welcome To The Insomniac's Theater
Letting Love Go
The Day After
The Day Joy Left My Life
Married To the Wrong Woman
Married To the Wrong Woman Part II
Jimmy Cox- First try
Alone In The Dark
Alone In The Dark Part II
Sometimes the hardest part of life is just living
Fragments of Fiction Blog
In The Weeds
Johnny's Frustration
Johnny's Frustration Continued
Bad things Come in Threes
He Put a Gun To My Head
I Want To Die
I Dance Alone
Bleeding from The Mouth
I Can't Stop The Bleeding
The Search
The Body Watcher
The Art of Pretending
The Movies
How To Really Hurt Someone
June Is On My Mind
A Song for June Part One
A Song For June Continued
Who Broke Your Heart- Things You Might Not Know
The End
An Unlikely Love Story
The Squeeze is On
He Tried To Forget Her
Thunder & Lightning
Regrets- Too Late For Love?
Chasing Ghosts
Feeling Sad & Defeated
Instant Messenger
At Least We're Not Homeless
He Felt Like a Failure
Who am I
I Am A Lonely Man
Johnny's Frustration
Johnny's Frustration Continued
Bad Things Come In Threes
He Put A Gun To My Head
A Relationship Challenged
A Familiar Pain   
My Wanderings
I Had a Dream

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