How Much Would it Cost To Build The Death Star

Under the category of things you don't need to know but might be the difference in winning or losing a game of championship jeopardy.
"If you had $15.6 septillion and 94 cents in your account, would you save the world from the economic crisis or build a Death Star, destroy the world, and move on to invade the galaxy?

A guy called Ryszard Gold—who probably is an alien villain from the Outer Rim planets and got a 49-point score in our Geek Social Aptitude Test—made the calculation of the most basic Death Star's price with current materials and space transport costs here on Earth. Here's a quick summary:

• First, assume that 1/10 of the 17.16 quadrillion cubic meters of the Death Star is something other than empty space and 6/10 of the total volume is pressurized space.
• That will require 1.71 quadrillion cubic meters of steel, about 134 quadrillion tonnes. That's $12.95 quintillion in current 2008 prices, and that's without counting strange alloys and elements.
• Shipping that to space will cost $95 million per tonne: So add $12.79 septillion in transport.
• Now you need to add air, which will require 8.23 quintillion cubic meters of Nitrogen, and 1.65 quintillion cubic meters of oxygen, for a total delivery cost of $2.81 septillions and $212.46 quintillion.

The total: $15,602,022,489,829,821,422,840,226.94.

Yes, that's a whooping 1.4 trillion times the current US Debt. Or a sightly more meaningful number: 124 trillion years of war in Iraq."

Read the whole thing here.

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Mr Lady said...

Oh, that's divine.

Michael said...

Now, Jack, how much did Luke Skywalker's proton torpedo cost?

Or, to fair, how much to two squadrons of X- and Y-wing fighters cost?

Once we know that, we can do some real cost-benefit analysis.

Jack Steiner said...

Mr. Lady,

I thought so.


Good questions. I'll get the team working on it right away.

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