September 02, 2014

Worth Thinking About

Finished my run at the last job not long ago. Ended a bit sooner than I had hoped but when you are a contract employee that comes with the territory. Sometimes they extend your contract and sometimes they shake your hand and wish you good luck.

I got the handshake, warm wishes and was told to use them as a reference. Good things to have but not as good as a steady paycheck. Been working on what comes next and have had a few options and opportunities come my way.

Nothing earth shattering or amazing yet but that is ok because this sort of thing is a sprint and not a marathon. Been pushing to find something outside of the hometown because the cost of living would make life easier and that is a good thing.

Kids aren't real fond of that idea and I understand but they won't be the decision maker here. They will be much happier if their old man is working and keeping food on the table, roof over their head then if they live where they know on the streets.

Not really worried about that happening but it illustrates the point. Still I admit to wondering and worrying about them because that is what parents do.

Their lives have been good but sometimes I feel badly they have had a bit more upheaval than I did as a kid. I expect the end result will still be positive but it doesn't mitigate the feeling of uncertainty on my end.

Probably because no decisions have been made so there is nothing to focus on right now. Once some of those details have been worked out life will be easier.

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