September 10, 2014


Sometimes inertia is a friend and sometimes it is an enemy. I learned the hard way about how it can hurt people when I didn't pay close enough attention to what was happening around me.

Things were going south at where I was at and I had an opportunity to jump ship and try something new but chose to stay to see what would happen. Hindsight is 20-20 so it is easy to look back and see the signs that were obvious as well as those that weren't.

It helps mitigate my not moving as fast as I should have but it doesn't fix what happened, mostly because I can't travel back in time and tell myself not to let inertia prevent me from taking a chance.

The good news is I learned from that experience and have made a point not to let inertia be the primary factor in choosing to take a chance or not.

Been through multiple interviews recently and am feeling good, but a little spent because of all of the turmoil. I am confident I'll figure it out and part of that is based upon what I learned.

This time around inertia isn't stopping me from moving ahead,

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