August 31, 2014

Some Posts Are Happier Than You Realize

Almost 1:30 on Saturday, er Sunday morning. Got to get some shut eye but before I do got a few words to jot down.

Some people read this post and saw sadness, some saw happy and some weren't sure what to think.

But if you asked me, I'd tell you it is about hope and it is about desire. It is about optimism and it is about perspective.

I'd tell you that you if you haven't lived a little you don't have the experience you need to have the perspective that is required to understand some things. That is not always a bad thing.

If I put on my "professional communicator" hat I'd tell you it is problematic when people don't understand your intent or get the message you are trying to send.

But if I put on my "writer" hat I'd say sometimes it is good for people to wonder because there is no better picture painter than their imagination. A writer can only paint so much into a reader's head and then they rely upon the reader to fill in the blanks and to illustrate the gaps.

It is time to hit the hay. Someone let that Shmata Queen know I had planned on trying to be the first to say Happy Birthday but I was foiled by Facebook. Should I do my Elvis impression on sing Always on My Mind or serenade her with some Johnny Cash.

Good night from here, see you in the AM.

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