August 27, 2014

Do You Believe In Destiny?

Sat down with the growing older way too quickly kid of mine and had a long conversation about Karma and destiny.

His interest stemmed from a conversation they had at school during his lunch hour. I am not entirely clear where it began or who started it and I don't really care because it was interesting to hear his thoughts about it.

In many ways they mirror my own but I definitely hear his voice and that makes me happy. I like raising critical thinkers and I like knowing that he is thinking about the world around him and wondering how people come to believe as they do.

I intentionally did not share many of my thoughts about this in part because it leads the conversation to places I don't want to go, not now. He is very sharp and in many ways an old soul but there is no substitute for life experience and though I expect one day we'll have some of these discussions now is not the time.

But if I did share more of my thoughts we'd talk about free will and about how some things aren't so easily explained by science. I have had more than a few experiences that have me mostly convinced something else might be at play in the world.

That doesn't mean I don't see a need for education. hard work and acting as the conductor of our lives because I do. I see that as an important and significant part of our lives.

It is a time of change and transition in my world and if you ask me where I am going to end up I can tell you in very broad terms, but I'll save the specific for now.

What I do know is I am taking the long way home.

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