December 02, 2013

Sleep Is Avoiding Me

Insomnia and I are not good friends. We don't have much of a relationship at all and I am grateful for that.

Most nights I am snoring before my head ever hits the pillow but there is the odd exception and today is one of those times.

I lay down, closed my eyes and prepared to enjoy some amazing dreams but shut eye refused to come so I decided not to fight it. Didn't want to count sheep when I could come put down a few words and update a blog or two.

I figured that if sleep wasn't forthcoming it had to be tied into the thoughts that are rattling around inside the giant cavern between my ears. Figured that it might help to put these thoughts down and see if that didn't take some of the edge off of it all.

And so I am here thinking hard about what I am doing, where I am living and asking myself if I made the right decision to come back. Wondering how things got to be as they are and asking myself if I ever expected any of this to happen.

The answer is I never did and yet here I am.

So I sit here and wonder what that means and how will things unfold. It is kind of strange but very exciting.

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