November 21, 2013


This is one of those posts that might be better suited for TheJackB but I am placing it here because I feel like this one is being neglected a bit.

Here is where it all started and sometimes you have to spend a bit of time showing some respect for your elders.

Been an interesting few weeks and I find myself in an odd position where it seems like all I do is argue and or disagree with virtually everyone around me,

I am not shy or afraid to express my feelings nor do I have any problem standing alone. I am comfortable being the man who swims against the stream yet I have learned to stop what I am doing and consider if my actions are helping or hurting me.

Because if it is you against the world you need to figure out if you are arguing that the earth is round while the others say flat. If that is the case than you can keep doing what you are doing, keep going on and feel confident that your position is the right one to have.

But if you find that things are reversed you need to take a hard look and ask if your position is principled and or for lack of a better term, noble.

Because if you are the one who claims the earth is flat than maybe you are also the ass and what is the upside in insisting on fighting with everyone when you are defending idiocy.

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