November 12, 2013

The Changes Come Fast and Furious

I stumbled onto a post called The Wiggles Don't Play Here Anymore and thought about all of the changes of the past few years. Will probably write a post about it in more detail at TheJackB.

It was a bittersweet read and if I had more free time I would write about it all now but alas I don't so all you get is a 3 minute shot of free thinking Jack.

Been writing like a fiend lately and all it has done is reminded me of how much time I really want and my dream of being able to do nothing but work on my writing. It makes me smile to think about that day and how I'll focus on storytelling.

And it makes me smile to think about how there have been moments where I had more time yet just couldn't spend it all at the computer.

Life is nothing but interesting, especially when you think about how sometimes it takes losing what you had to understand just why you miss it so much.

And now for those of you who want more reading material:

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