December 06, 2013

The Giant Rock

Ask me to describe my life I will tell you that right now it is a cross between fireman and rock climber.

Feels a bit like I spend my days running around with my hair on fire while I try to extinguish the larger fires that threaten to explode and burn out of control.

It is much better than it was a while back but we haven't yet reached the place when I can truly relax which is why I think of myself as a rock climber.

I keep doing all that can to climb up the mountain side except there is no safety harness and I am carrying a bunch of dead weight.

Eventually I'll get to the top, turn around and yell because I'll be relieved but in the interim I spend my time with hands and jaw clenched fighting to climb over and around the obstacles that are in my way and believe me there are many.

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1 comment:

Joe said...

It could be worse. At least you're not dealing with burning rocks.