December 03, 2012

Enough of the Holiday Season

I am about done with holiday music and ridiculous comments about what this holiday season should be about.

We live in the richest country in the world and yet I keep running into the homeless and hungry. Our farmers produce more than enough food to feed everyone but it doesn't get distributed to those who need it most.

Somewhere a useful idiot will explain to me why I am wrong and how I don't understand the way the world works.

I may remain silent and ignore their attempt to educate me or I may unleash a verbal torrent upon them that they won't soon forget. I may overwhelm them with facts and information that they cannot ignore because I can't stomach their lack of compassion masked behind some silly sophomoric rant about socialism or some other such thing.

Sometimes I wonder what they would say if they were in a situation in which they couldn't feed their families or what they would do if they ended up on the street.

I wonder if they would talk about how many good and kind people there are and say not to worry because they know that people weren't overtaxed and that means they will get help.

Gah, it just makes me crazy.


Pragmatician said...

I remember (some 20 years + ago) a teacher telling us they burned thousands of potatoes every year just so that they would still be profitable or something...why these thousands of potatoes and other to be destroyed food ietems don't go to the poor?

Your questions are good...

Sadly the answer is simple, who cares about the poor? The elected officials?The people with power?

Jack said...

It always bothers me to hear stories about how we destroy food.