December 02, 2012

Basic Information

Since I don't post here as frequently as I used to I don't spend as much time sifting through the stats and analyzing things like I used to. But every now and then it is kind of fun to come back and see what is shaking here.

So here is a quick look at the most popular posts and keywords that are driving in traffic. Don't know that there is much to learn from this, but just for kicks here are the most popular posts this week

Nov 26, 2012


10 interesting vocabulary words
how to live out of your truck
cleveland sucks
"man forced to have sex"
A sexually incompatible marriage
She will come back
best friends in love
because mothers are overrated
coca cola with extra caffeine
coping with teenage hormones
erotic adventures for married couples
favorite song verses
how do air force pilots go to the bathroom

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