December 04, 2012

When Your Words Have No Meaning

Sometimes I rebel against the tyranny of instant gratification and the need to write the "perfect headline" by making up ridiculous headlines that are over the top and or gibberish.

It would be fair to say I am willing to press the limits such as the time I wrote about sleeping with a nun or why sex with twins is best. It is a risk doing this because those who skim through my posts often miss the deeper meaning, assuming that there is one.

It is a risk because you never get a second chance to make a first impression and some people run from the more "risque" remarks. It makes me miss the old days a little bit because back then I didn't worry one whit about whether an off the cuff remark would offend or upset.

I suppose it raises all sorts of questions in my head.

How Honest Are You In Your Posts?

Sometimes I wonder about how honest people are in their posts and not just because I have been known to share some fiction and or engage in hyperbole.

Maybe it is because I am in transition and ...

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