January 04, 2011

Building The Blog- Details Edition

The work continues on the new blog. Slowly the pieces are falling into place and I am growing more pleased with the progress I am making. While I can't say that has been exceptionally difficult I can't say that it has been all that easy either.

I have agonized over themes, designs and layout. I have spent time considering the structure and trying to determine what elements are required to make it work effectively for me. I suspect that to some extent I have over analyzed it and have tried to let some of it go.

Tried to let go because it is blog and to an extent success is based more upon luck and sustaining my effort than any anything else. There is a low barrier to entry to blogging so the field is exceptionally crowded. There is an enormous amount of noise and a ton of distractions. I am not competing solely with other blogs but with Facebook, Twitter and life in general.

Not to mention that I have limited time to work upon it. So I have developed a strategy and attitude on the fly. I have opened up the doors and begun to promote it. The reality is that if I had time and resources I would do far more than I have, but I don't have either.

So the prudent thing seems to be to open the doors and start focusing on the details. The basic structure is in place and that is cool. But now I need to figure out what issues exist that require my attention. There are some broken links in places that need to be fixed and I haven't been able to import all of the comments from this blog into the new one.

That is not a terrible thing, but I would prefer to have them there. I want it to be clear that there is a community that hangs out on the blog. I prefer that it not look like I have been stuck in a vacuum or trapped in cleveland. But at the same time I haven't changed my overall philosophy about blogging. You can't last at this game unless you really like it.

I do. I like it and I intend to continue. So for the time being feel free to keep checking this place out, but remember that my efforts are being focused on TheJackB. I hope that you will follow me over there and be a part of it all.

It is going to be fun. On a side note, let me give a shout out and ass kicking to my friend Ron who just outdid himself with his blog redesign. Dude, you just set the bar a little bit higher so when I finish cursing your name I'll have to see what I can do to push myself a little bit harder.

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