January 05, 2011

Building The Blog- Branding and Traffic Edition

The new blog is officially up and running. If you haven't been there you are invited to go visit and check it out. For the time being this one is going to remain open and semi-active. Most of the posts here will be a reflection of my thoughts and ideas about the transition.

It is both exciting and unsettling to have my own home online. I have spent an enormous amount of time working on this place and it shows. The work that I put in here has led to a number of business opportunities that I am pleased to say turned into paying jobs. Friendships have been created and it is fair to say that I have created some brand awareness and decent traffic.

The new joint doesn't have that yet. It doesn't benefit from being linked to from all parts of the world and web. It will someday, but not yet. If I compare it to a child I can't say that it is a helpless infant but it is not quite out of elementary school yet either.

Fortunately it has a good father who is carefully watching over it and with some TLC it will get there. The hard part for me is patience. I don't want to wait for it to grow. I don't want to wait for its page ranking to become more respectable. I don't want to wait for the traffic to be huge, I want it to happen yesterday.

But as I said over there I want to cultivate and grow relationships. I want to build a community. It takes time to do it right and that is how I want it to go. Measure twice, cut once as the old saw goes.

Thankfully it is fun and I find much of this to be not just educational but useful skills that I can apply to work situations. Speaking of which it is time to head back down into the mines so I'll have to say that I hope to see you at the new home real soon.

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