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Alas, A Blogiversary

Somewhere in the annals of history there is an award that is given out for the brave, the bold and the stupid. Don't ask me what that means or why, I am a blogger. A blogger who for six years has run around writing about the serious and the sublime. A man on a mission who has produced more content than 27 ordinary bloggers could do while hopped on speed.

There is no real significance to that. No rewards to be reaped from such production other than those I give to myself. Not much to gather from any of that other than a measure of my own madness. Really, who spends six years writing all this crap and more importantly who reads it and why.

Ok, if I can allow myself to get by the self deprecation I'll dip my toe into the waters and be serious for a few minutes. Every year I write a post celebrating my blogiversary and hope that I come up with something meaningful, something significant and noteworthy.

The real point of the blogiversary post is to be introspective and reflective about my blogging experience. It is a chance for me to take some time to evaluate my work. Not that I don't do that anyway, but in theory this is the time for the yearly review. The time when I decide whether the blog deserves a raise or a written warning. The time when I think about whether I should change the focus.

Anyway, I have wasted enough words on this post. Thank you to all who spend time here, it is appreciated.

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PJ Mullen said…
Happy Blogiversary! Six years blogging is impressive.
stefan said…
happy anniversary! six years. wow. a real veteran!
LB said…
Six years? Wow! I bow to you sir! : )
The JackB said…
No bows needed. I am just another hack with a keyboard.
The JackB said…

Where have you been hiding? You were here and then you were gone.
I hope that all is well.
The JackB said…
Thanks- the years have flown by. Crazy.
The JackB said…
Thanks. It has been a lot of fun, makes the time go by faster.
Just found your blog! I love it! I added it to my google reader.

Any tips for a relatively new blogger?
SeattleDad said…
I think you are going to make it as a blogger if you keep this up.

Congrats man. Well done.
The JackB said…
Whatever you write about, write with passion. Write frequently and don't be afraid to take risks. Most of all enjoy it. It is a wild ride but it is also a lot of fun.
The JackB said…
I kind of see this like I see parenting. I figure that by the time my kids are in their twenties I'll feel like a real father. So it stands to reason that in about fourteen years I'll feel like a blogger. ;)
you're one of the most respected guys out there. you've blogged more years than i have months. okay, not quite, but still, what i'm getting at is newbies like me look up to you. you're wise. you're diverse. you're interesting. and you're a damn good writer.

i hope you never stop blogging.
LB said…
I know I've been really gone. Everything's ok, I was just very, very busy over the past year. I hope to be somewhat more around now - congratulations again!
The JackB said…
Well, it is good to see you.
The JackB said…
The secret to my "psuedo success" is that I am two thirds crazy, one third nuts and three parts looney. Not too mention I am a mathematical genius.