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Third Annual Link to Jack Day

This is a sticky post. Check back throughout the day for new material below.

Friends I welcome you to the Third Annual Link To Jack Day. This is a special day in the blogosphere. In honor my children the reason I am asking you to play along is "because."

Because is one of my favorite words. It says so much and yet so very little. That gives it great utility.

So link away and please let me know in the comments that you did. In return I'll put up a separate post thanking you for playing along.

Link to Jack Day #1
Link to Jack Day #2


It doesn't really fit today's post, but I hope to link to Jack tomorrow. Does that count?
Jacob Da Jew said…
For now, a twitter link will have to suffice.
Trip'n Mommy said…
Happy to participate!
Celebrating the second day. Golus.
Posted here:

I'll ask SnookY ( and Grant ( ) to also observe the day.
Oxmyx said…
How could I possibly resist such an invitation?
Jack Steiner said…
Thank you all. If you didn't notice I did express my gratitude in a post in which I mentioned all of you.