War in Gaza Update #19

As a prelude to this I want to link to this post 'He who cannot defend Liberty does not deserve Liberty' which is still Well Worth Reading .

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #19.

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From the traditional media we have:

CNN: Israelis edging closer to cease-fire agreement in Gaza.
CNN: Israel, U.S. target Hamas arms smuggling
WAPO: Diplomatic Efforts Toward Gaza Truce Intensify
WAPO: On Day of Heavy Fighting, Moves Toward Gaza Peace
Associated Press: Turkish PM: Israel should be barred from UN
Guardian: Syria urges full Arab boycott of Israel as divisions deepen over Gaza
Guardian: US backs deal to reopen Gaza-Egypt border
JPost:'Solidarity during war is Israel's finest hour'
JPost: 'We reject Israel's truce conditions'
JPost: Reporter's Notebook: An emotional disconnect
Arutz Sheva: "Iranian Unit" Destroyed, Hamas was Surprised
Arutz Sheva: Hamas Offers Ceasefire, Threatens Revenge

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF blog shared Summary of IDF Operations, 16 Jan 2009, 22:00 IST.

Seraphic Secret says Goodbye (Elite?) Iran Unit. The Augean Stables offers BBC Silent about being Terrorized in Gaza: Discretion or Cowardice?

Go to Soccer Dad and read Is the media losing the credibility war? and MacLeod-ing the issue.

Daled Amos asks Will Israel Negotiate Defeat From The Jaws of Victory?

Weasel Zippers has Hamas Storms BBC Offices in Gaza and Uses Them to Fire Rockets at Israel....Says Nothing.....


Washington: Reporters Call Israeli FM Tzipi Livni a "Terrorist" and a "Murderer" During DC Press Conference.....

Israel at Level Ground has a video that shows the downside of firing mortars at Israel.

At Planck's Constant What is Really Happening in Gaza and Why There can be No Truce with Hamas.

The Atheist Jew Disproportionate Response: By The Media, Protesters, Bloggers, Etc.

Joshuapundit provides The Root Causes Of the Gaza War in Less Than 6 Minutes. Flopping Aces discusses Civilian Casualties in Assymetric Warfare.

Counterterrorism blog provides the low down on Who was Said Mohammad Siyam?

Gateway Pundit has the sad story of Masked Thugs Repeatedly Stab Man For Wearing Jewish Symbol in France. Zombieblog relates to this with January 10, 2009: The Intifada is globalized as the Gaza War becomes a world war.

At Harry's Place it is Downright weird. At Winds of Jihad Hamas fires rockets from BBC building in Gaza, staff used as human shields, BBC keeps silent…

This concludes the round up.

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