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War in Gaza Update #14

Here is a quick update on the War in Gaza.

Previous editions of the round up can be found below:1* 2 *3* 3.5* 4* 4.5* 5* 5.5* 6*6.5 *7* 7.5* 8* 8.5.*9, *9.5, *10, *10.5, *11, *11.5, *12, *12.5, *13, *13.5.

From traditional media we have:

CNN: Hamas rocket team leader killed, Israel says
CNN: Israel resumes Gaza offensive after lull
WSJ: Muslims Against Hamas
LA Times: Hamas Commander Killed
LA Times: Hamas' war crimes
Daily Mail: Protesters clash with police as London Gaza demo descends into violence
Daily Mail: Violent Gaza protests reveal how gentle civilised Britain has Become very ugly
Haaretz: IDF: Hamas fighters beginning to desert; army steps up Gaza offensive.
Haaretz: Meshal: No truce until IDF ends Gaza op, opens border crossings
JPost: IDF: 300 Hamas operatives killed in Gaza
JPost: Obama won't deal with Hamas, 'Post' told
JPost: 'Definitions skew civilian casualties'
Mark Steyn: The ‘Oldest Hatred’

Some videos that are worth watching:

From the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war. The IDF Blog has a map that outlines how an entire neighborhood was rigged for war.

Doug Ross, It is the Zionist's Fault.

Harry's Place: “Hey! Ho! Israel Has Gotta Go” and Israeli Arabs and Jews rally for coexistence.

Gateway Pundit shared PRO-GAZA PROTESTERS RIOT IN LONDON... Police Attacked.

Omri offered European Muslims Doing Their Best To Cleanse France Of Jews.

Comments From Left field has Context Matters. I know, not fair to say that reading it is like a trip to the Twilight Zone.

My blog features Dueling Protests in Los Angeles. Or read LA Hamas Supporters Scream: "Long Live Hitler- Put Jews In the Ovens."

Solomonia has What the Fight's About and The BS War.

Don't forget to check out Martin Kramer: Richard N. Haass and Hamas, Rachel Marsden: The Biggest Lies About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Stephanie Gutmann: Israel in the Balance, Finally, some good news on the portrayal of Israel in the media.

American Powerblog has Newshoggers and the Neo-Totalitarian Left. Bookworm blogged A Swiftian view of the death of Palestinian children.

From No Quarter we have Liberal Anti-Semitism.

This marks the end of the round up.


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