War in Gaza Update #13

Welcome to the War in Gaza Update #12. It is part of the continuing series of news and information about the War In Gaza.

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From the MSM:

Time: Can Israel Survive Its Assault on Gaza?
CNN: Security Council calls for cease-fire in Gaza
NY Times: Israel Condemns Vatican’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Remarks
NY Times: What You Don’t Know About Gaza (Biased, skewed and misleading.)
FOX: High-Profile Doctor in Gaza Called an 'Apologist for Hamas'
Guardian: Obama camp 'prepared to talk to Hamas'
YNET: A day with our troops in Gaza
YNET: 'Not all Israelis are bad'
Artuz Sheva: Israel Accused of 'War Crimes' in a Complaint at The Hague.
Artuz Sheva: United Nations Calls for Ceasefire, United States Abstains.
Artuz Sheva: Netherlands: No Sanctions on Israel; Another Ceasefire Idea.

And now onto the blogosphere:

Aussie Dave and The Muqata continue live-blogging the war.

The IDF blog has all sorts of interesting information. Click here for pictures of tunnels that were dug for the purpose of kidnapping soldiers. This link provides a brief summary of things that were accomplished including information humanitarian aid trucks that rolled into Gaza, discovery of more tunnels, weaponry and the neutralization of some terrorists.

Seraphic Secret has updated It Can (and is) Happening Here. At Yourish W. abandons Israel again.

Treppenwitz writes about the rockets in the North. At the Jawa you'll be shocked when you see Hamas Kills Innocent Palestinians (Rare Video).

Augean Stables blogged Hamas in their own words. The Occidental Israeli Operation Cast Lead - Israeli Public.

I am going to keep hammering this story 'Protestor' Calls for Jews to 'Go Back to the Oven'. Emmanuel Lopez is a ignorant fool who encourages the worst sort of behavior. The inherent hypocrisy he exhibits is shameful.

It is about time we get to read A Gaza Chronology that covers more than the past two weeks.

LGF covered A Staged Scene in a Gaza Hospital? - Update: CNN Yanks Video and Video: Hamas In Their Own Voices.

Yglesias covered Carter on Gaza. It is pretty much a festival of ignorance in the comments. Commentary reflected on Carter.

The Moderate Voice shared Gaza: Pride of the Arabs - Le Quotidien d’Oran of Algeria. Mother in Israel shared Updates and list of injured soldiers and civilians.

From Joshuapundit we have Hamas Torpedoes Egyptian Ceasefire Attempt. At No Quarter you can read BREAKING NEWS–UN Security Council Acts on Gaza.

EU Referendum shared I don't think they understand. Snapped Shot says Israel Found Evidence of Hamas Crimes Against Humanity.

The Elder Shared More on the jihadists' joy at dead civilians and PalArab press roundup Jan 8 2009.

In the American Thinker you can read Human shields: Where's the outrage?

At What War Zone BREAKING NEWS: Gaza War Turns Nuclear!

Shiloh Musings has the International List of Rallies for Israel- Friday Jan. 9 And After and Traveling the Red Zone, Part D (Habad Shelter, Nitzan).

Lady Light asks What can We do When Israel is at War. At Global Voices you can read Egypt: Bloggers on the Fence.

Chabad has Editorial: Where Wills Collide, Israel Survives. Pat Buchanan's big mouth is at it again.

Dry Bones has Israel Breaks the Rules.

This concludes our round up. Stay tuned for the next edition.

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