My Own Theme Song

A couple of years ago I put up a post about my own theme song. As I mentioned in the previous post it is time to revisit it. Since I am feeling a bit lazy I'll post it again below:

Someone once suggested that life would be far more fun if we could walk around with a theme song. I kind of like the idea. If I could do it than I would want to have a rotation of songs to use.For example, here are the top five I would want right now:

O Fortuna- Orff
Hurt- Johnny Cash version
Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Raiders' March- John Williams
Jaws Theme- John Williams
The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial March- John Williams
I still like most if not all of those songs, but just for kicks let's add a few more to the list:

A New Game- NFL
Requiem for a Tower Movement 4- Cornerstone Cues
Get Down Tonight-KC and The Sunshine Band (Got to give S.Q. something)
Chariots of Fire- Vangelis
You're All I need To Get By-Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

What music would you pick?


WomanHonorThyself said...

decompression sounds good!..:)

Jack Steiner said...

Decompression is necessary from time to time.

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